Public art strategies

Written by our art advisors the Contemporary Art Society , our strategies have informed the following guiding principles for the public art programme:

  • We support artists to make new work that has social relevance and engages University communities and people across the city through collaboration and co-production;
  • Public art helps to shape dynamic and sociable spaces on campus, where boldly imaginative art and creative encounters animate, welcome and inspire;
  • Public art at the University can be a prism through which debates are focussed and heritage is interpreted. It can acknowledge the past and envision the future;
  • Public art provides a creative lens through which to view research at the University, bringing inventive and surprising new readings;
  • Public art contributes to the University’s mission to play an important role in the life of the city and be part of a two-way relationship of cultural exchange.
University of Bristol Public Art Strategy

University of Bristol Public Art Strategy