Emma Blake Morsi – COP26 Billboards and posters (2021)

Emma Blake Morsi with one of the COP26 campaign billboard designs illustrating the importance of access to water and sanitation.

Artist and multi-disciplinary producer Emma Blake Morsi was commissioned by the Cabot Institute for the Environment and Rising Arts Agency to create a series of billboards and posters, which were exhibited across Bristol in July 2021.

This creative commission highlighted how innovative, pioneering research holds the key to unlocking some of the biggest challenges – and possible solutions – facing humanity and the environment, in the lead up to COP26.

190 global leaders will gather in the UK city of Glasgow for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP26, to accelerate action towards ambitious targets aimed at cutting carbon emissions and safeguarding the world’s future.

Leading experts from the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute for the Environment will be contributing to the discussions and the billboards campaign was launched in the city in July 2021 to bring the important issues at stake to a wider audience.

Emma’s designs vibrantly illustrate the interdependent fragility of ecosystems, which are vital for plants, water, and food, while emphasising that access to water and sanitation is a human right. Another captures the ravages of climate change, depicting a scene of desolate drylands juxtaposed against lush greenery – a harsh reality which imperils 2 billion people.

The agreements on action reached at COP26 will have a bearing on all our lives both now and long into the future, so it’s important to raise awareness and improve understanding of pressing problems, such as access to water and sustainable food sources. I hope this fantastic artwork sparks lots of conversations about climate change and related issues, while also encouraging people to find out more about the amazing work scientists are undertaking to identify possible solutions.

Professor Guy Howard

Interim Director of the Cabot Institute for the Environment and Global Research Chair of Environmental and Infrastructure Resilience at the University of Bristol

Emma Blake Morsi

Emma Blake Morsi is an award-winning Multi-disciplinary Producer, Non-executive Director of Rising Arts Agency and Bristol City Council’s Culture Board member. A prolific visual storyteller, she predominantly works across photography, words, graphics, film and events, and has been training as a creative intersectional environmentalist following years in STEM.

Rising Arts Agency

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Cabot Institute for the Environment

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I truly believe creative art can help champion environmental progress and that discussions about climate change, and possible solutions, must be inclusive, starting at a grass-roots level. There’s no better place than out on the street to do that.

Emma Blake Morsi


I’m passionate about finding creative solutions to the world’s social and sustainable challenges. COP26 may not be on everyone’s radar, so this is an important and exciting way to make the hot topics under discussion more accessible and relatable.

Emma Blake Morsi