What happens when a poet takes up a Fellowship in an Earth Sciences Department?

Alyson Hallet

Impact, an exhibition of work from Alyson Hallet’s 2022 Fellowship with the School of Earth Sciences, is on now in the University of Bristol’s Earth Art Gallery, open to all on Wednesdays from 2-5 pm.

In 2022 Poet Alyson Hallet was appointed EarthArt Fellow #8 in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol where she worked on the project ‘Impact: the Ries Nördlingen Crater, Germany’ led by volcanologist Professor Alison Rust.

Alyson’s Fellowship in the School has been largely based on conversations with with lecturers, researchers and students. She has explored what impact means on a personal and scientific level; the various natures of meteorites and volcanoes and how mistakes can open up new ways of thinking.

The Ries Crater was initially believed to have been made by a volcano, but when tiny diamonds were found in the stones of churches and houses in Nõrdlingen (a town built inside the impact zone) it became clear that it had been made by a meteorite.

Alyson Hallett is a prize-winning poet who has published more than twelve books of poetry and prose. Collaboration is at the heart of Alyson’s work and she has co-authored books with a walking artist, physical geographer and fellow poet, as well as collaborating on projects with dancers, visual artists, geologists, glass makers and composers.

The Earth Art Gallery is located on the ground floor of the Wills Memorial Building, Queens Rd. 

Admission: Free, every Wednesday 2-5pm (except bank holidays and University Closure Days)
Address: Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol, BS8 1RJ, Bristol
Access: Wheelchair access. Visitors need to report to the WMB Porters Lodge before entering the Earth Gallery to sign in/out our visitor book.
For further information see the Earth Art website