Mural brings new perspectives on Engineering

Mural by RTiiiKA Merchant Venturers Building

Artist RTiiiKA has produced a colourful, dynamic centre piece for the lower atrium inside the University’s Merchant Venturers Building on Woodland Rd.  

The artist spoke to people with a minority experience* in engineering, to find out how they got into engineering, what working / studying in the field is like, and if there are tension points between their work and their identity. The conversations informed an abstract design that looks at what a ‘queer’ perspective can offer engineering.

RTiiiKA (pronounced ah-teeka) is Rosa ter Kuile, a queer Bristol-based artist working in illustration, mural and street art.

*The artist uses the term minority experience to describe anyone who feels ‘outsider’ – someone who has to navigate through unfamiliar contexts, institutions, norms, structures and systems. You could be non-binary, a woman, working class, from outside of the Global North, LGBTQ+, a person of colour, or from a religious background.

Artist RTiiiKA